Monday, July 11, 2011

Green Tea... Part 2

So I am very disappointed in this one. Even though the mixture chilled overnight it didn't seem to get much thicker. I forgot to mention before that this is gelato, so that may have something to do with it. I let it go in the mixer longer than usual, thinking that it might firm up. I guess it did a little but not nearly as much as I expected. It is freezing now and I hope the ride to work doesn't kill it. I'm hoping the more it freezes the better texture it will have. Now about the flavor. I don't know if it is the natural sweetener in the green tea powder but there is definitely a fake sugary flavor. It is fairly sweet even though I cut down on the added sugar. It has a tea flavor for sure, which is refreshing and would be a nice palate cleanser between or after sushi. I wonder how green the Matcha would have made it. I think it would have been prettier, this just has a tan cafe color. Overall the flavor and texture could have been better. I may have to start taking donations to afford such high quality ingredients. Maybe Matcha would have made a difference, maybe not. I think I'll keep a list of do-overs. This might be one of them.

Sorry Ryan, this might not live up to your expectations.

On a positive note, I vote we should get sushi today to make up for this flub.

1 comment:

  1. This gelato was a little different. I had trouble tasting the green tea, but it had a nice milky, sugar taste that made up for it.


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