Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 6: Green Tea Toss-Up

This ice cream may be an epic fail...but we wont know until tomorrow. Once again I failed to give myself the proper amount of time to get the ice cream made and thus tasted by today, Sunday. But I am trying to be a diligent blogger by at least getting this post done today. I am slightly disappointed that i didn't get my act together earlier. We took an impromptu trip to Westerly, RI this weekend instead of giving myself the weekend to make this ice cream like it should have. Bad blogger, bad. But we did have a fantastic weekend eating, shopping, and laying on the beach. If this ice cream tastes horrible (which I will find out tomorrow because it is chilling right now and will be churning in the morning) it will be for several reasons.
1. Green tea powder is hard to find! After checking several grocery stores including an organic market, I scoured the Internet only to find that Matcha, the brand the book suggested, is not only expensive but is only sold near me at Teavana in the Westfarms mall for an insanely high price.
2. The green tea powder I did find at The Vitamin Shoppe is not green in color like Matcha. It is probably not as high quality as Matcha but the price was more feasible. It is mixed with the natural sweetener stevia, so I lessened the amount of sugar the recipe called for.
3. Apparently when I made last weeks German Chocolate ice cream I misread the ingredients and instead of just egg yolks I used whole eggs. Since it seemed to be everyones favorite, I made the same mistake twice, and did the same with this batch. This could turn out to be a good thing or it could go horribly wrong.
4. I stopped watching the pot of simmering milk and it started to boil. The directions clearly state not to let the mixture come to a boil. Oops.
5. I started to mix it earlier but realized the mixture and the freezer bowl hadn't gotten cold enough. So I am letting both chill overnight. Hopefully this will work.

I'll post tomorrow morning with the results. Crossing my fingers!

1 comment:

  1. Almost forgot to post!

    Okay, bottom line: Loved it.... The flavor was light, great for the really hot days. But the minor goof that led to the icy consistency was disappointing. I was looking forward to the creamy, sinful gelato-ness. But that's minor. It'd be worse if it was the other way around!

    Can I get a do-over on this one? =]


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