Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 12: Sweet Cream a la Irene

So I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to make this weeks selection. But thankfully we didn't really feel the effects of Hurricane Irene were we are. I put off making it thinking we were going to be out of power for a longer period of time. My ingredients survived so Sweet Cream was made today. Its simple and will go perfectly with the pistachio cake that a co-worker is bringing to work tomorrow. That is if she didn't loose power or was forced to evacuate her home like some people I know. This storm is crazy! I am amazed at how varied this storm is from one area to the next. My parents live half an hour away and they were without power since 6:30 this morning. There is flooding in a lot of areas and some trees are down, but I was really surprised that our area didn't get hit as much as they predicted. I'm so grateful for it. I am also grateful for another easy ice cream this week. Because of all the chaos surrounding Irene it was nice to have something uncomplicated. The taste is simple and light, the ingredients were basic (milk, cream and sugar syrup) and the taste is perfectly sweet. Tastes much like frozen whipped cream. It would be great with anything mixed in but is great on its own too.

I hope to all that had to deal with the stress of Irene today that they at least had one simple thing happen today. This was my simple thing. Hopefully if work is open tomorrow, everyone can share in it while swapping storm stories. I pray for all who didn't have a simple day today. Tomorrow is new, and may it be better. If you didn't have a great day I suggest you make something sweet and easy, like this. Go a chocolate bar. It is sure to brighten your soul.


  1. This one was plain & simple, but not the same as vanilla... definitely good with cake or for "a la mode'ing" ;)

  2. This would be great mixed with a coffee ice cream. Coffee with cream anyone?


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