Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 14: Orange Granita

Its ironic that this recipe is in an ice cream book because it A) isn't ice cream, B) its not really even sorbet, and what puzzles me more as to why its there is that C) it didn't even require use of the ice cream maker. Although it may not fit the reasons that one might include it in an ice cream book, it is icy and sweet. For your history lesson...what is granita?

The orange juice is slightly tart while the added sugar makes it sweet. The fact that it is frozen and then scraped over and over gives it a fluffy airy quality that sorbet just doesn't have. This is a great summer dessert. Its a very adaptable recipe too. You could pretty much use any juice and cut down the amount of sugar depending on the sweetness of the juice you use or how healthy you want to make it. I took a trip to Stew Leonard's and got their fresh squeezed orange juice. Sorry guys I didn't slave all day squeezing oranges! But I think this juice was just as good. It tasted real to me, anyway. For those of you who try it, I'd like your thoughts. 

On a side note I was at the Brimfield Antique show and tried orlimonade - we laughed at our pronunciation it but it had orange, lemon and lime juices blended together with sugar and water. It was awesome! On a hot day like Friday it was perfect! I need to learn how to make it. It might actually make a great granita...ooohhh.

Make this one, its easy, doesn't require fancy equipment, and tastes refreshingly good.

4 cups orange juice (or any juice), 1 cup sugar, pour into a shallow dish, put in freezer, and every fifteen minutes or so scrape with a fork until fully frozen and fluffy. Eat and enjoy! 


  1. ooohh..... Orlimonade granita? Sounds delicious!

  2. Some people said this was too sweet... but I disagree. This was awesome... shame it looks like the really hot days are behind us though...


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