Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 19: As American as Pie and Ice Cream - French Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Caramel Sauce

While I've been making ice cream each week, my mom has been making pies. She is following Martha Stewarts pie book. So when a co-worker asked if she would make him an apple pie, she happily agreed. It took awhile from the initial request a few months ago but it should be well worth the wait. Every pie I've had of hers is amazing. It happened to be perfect timing because its apple season and Tuesday (Mark, Caroline and I) hit the year mark at work. So nothing goes better with apple pie than vanilla ice cream. And this weeks selection has a little something extra, caramel sauce.

The caramel sauce was easier than I thought it would be. You warm cream and a bit of vanilla extract in a pan till scalding then slowly add it to brown sugar. Cook the mixture until thickened and finish with a pad of butter. Very easy and tastes delicious.

almost ready! - YUM

look at all the black flecks of seeds from the vanilla bean - pure vanilla flavor!  

I'll post more pics and blog when I have some of the pie tomorrow.

I know I said I would be making pink ice creams for October and I still am. Along with this weeks ice cream is a special request from Christina. She asked for something with watermelon so I'm trying something new Watermelon Sherbet. Stay tuned for the post tomorrow.

a preview: the watermelon sherbet mixture in the maker before churning

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