Monday, June 6, 2011

better late than never

At the beginning of this year I made of list of things I would like to accomplish. Starting a blog was one of them. It took me half the year to figure out what I should write about, so I guess I should do the other half actually writing it. My mom bought me an ice cream maker for Christmas last year. I've dabbled with it a few times with mixed results (because I tried winging it, when I should have followed a recipe). When my friend found out I had started making ice cream she got me this book, Recipe of the Week: Ice Cream: 52 Easy Recipes for Year-Round Frozen Treats. While I oohed and ahhed for months at it - I hadn't started making any ice cream from it, but my co-workers urged me to do this. So if it fails - I will know who to blame. just kidding. Anyway, here we go. I had hopes to start making ice cream earlier in the day because it is quite a long process (as I am finding out), but I didn't soooo right now the ice cream mixture is sitting in the fridge and will cool overnight. I will wake up bright and early and get the ice cream a churnin'! Part of this deal is that my co-workers get to taste test each week and leave their comments on this blog. I think they will be enjoying Monday morning alot more now. My hopes are to make the ice cream each Saturday and write the post about it every Sunday...hence the name. But today will have to be the exception. Not a great way to start, by breaking your rules already, huh Kendra!

I guess I should have given you a preview of the flavor...nah! I'll be a tease and wait till tomorrow. FYI - I'm going out of order from the book so you can't cheat.

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