Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 3: Sundae School

I am posting today from possibly my favorite place in the world, Cape Cod. I am here for a birthday getaway, even if it is just for the weekend, and I can't think of a better spot for ice cream than Sundae School in Orleans. Today after kayaking out to the beach, then a long walk down the shoreline and return trip, we were beat (well I was!). The best reward for all our hard exercise was the smooth creamy goodness of black raspberry ice cream in a crunchy chocolate dipped cone. Having tried some of their other flavors, black raspberry is the one I go back to every time. No other ice cream shops' has come close. I only hope I can someday. The creamy texture is perfection and it has amazing rich flavor, which doesn't taste fake like most others I've had. I've been told that black raspberries actually grow here, so it could be made with real fruit flavor. I'll have to ask next time. Had we not been saving our appetites for dinner, Rob would have gotten 3 scoops and I 2. We downsized for 2 and 1, but it was just enough.

There is no other place that reminds me of summer than here. It's too bad I don't live here and that they are only open seasonally or I would be here every day!

I am sad to report that our late departure this evening means no new ice cream for Monday. Sorry, Caroline! But there is still peach raspberry sorbet in the freezer. Don't make me boycott making new ice cream if the previous weeks isn't finished! But I'll be a girl with a plan for next weeks creation. I need to get more prepared to blog by giving myself more time to write and take pictures of the process and finished product. That will be my goal this week.

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