Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 1: Sour Cream Brown Sugar, How come you taste so good?

So I woke up early because as you probably read, I didn't do so well at getting this done yesterday. I kind of wished that I had made this earlier so that I could have made a double batch. As I am mixing the ingredients last night it seemed like enough liquid to fill the ice cream maker. But as I am filling it this morning it really only went halfway. So from now on I'm going to double the recopies. More is always better when it comes to ice cream. While I am not satisfied with the quantity (sorry co-workers! and boyfriend) I was fairly satisfied with the taste. I like the bit of sour flavor the sour cream adds balanced with the grainy sweetness of the brown sugar. The brown sugar adds a nice texture that makes this more interesting. Otherwise it would taste like regular (albeit slightly buttermilk-y ) vanilla ice cream. What I think I am going to like about her recopies is that they aren't fussy. She uses simple ingredients, and it tastes like quality homemade ice cream should. I'm going for full fat full sugar this time, you only live once right?

Hopefully my co-workers and Rob (we can call them the ice cream gallery for short) likes it. I've asked them to leave comments, so we'll see if they do.

Have a great Monday! See you next week for Round 2!

1 comment:

  1. Surprisingly light! Reminiscent of cheesecake, not quite as sweet as you expect it to be. A nice slight diversion from vanilla...


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