Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday (Ice Cream) Cake!

So since I've started this blog, most of what consumes me lately (or should I say what I consume) is ice cream. So because its my birthday I thought what better to have than ice cream cake. The king of store bought ice cream cake is Carvel, so I thought I would see how close I could come to that. I will admit for lack of time and energy I cheated, yes I CHEATED and bought Breyers ice cream because it was on sale. And I also searched various forums to find out how to accomplish the famous crunchy cookie layers. Most recipes called for oreos but I thought that would be way to sweet so I stuck with Famous Chocolate Wafer cookies made by Nabisco. By the way these cookies make awesome ice cream sandwiches when store bought or homemade ice cream lays between them. They aren't picky! I digress, so I made the cake yesterday and am bringing it into work today.

My birthday wish is that everyone laughes at some point in the day, because when you're laughing you forget about what was going on just for a second. Thats how I feel when I'm eating ice cream.

Since I'm going away this weekend I will be posting from the Cape on sunday. I'll be sharing my favorite ice cream shop in the northeast with you, Sundae School! See you then!

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  1. Happy birthday Kendra! Your birthday cake was delicious and reminiscent of my childhood when we often strolled to Carvel for a summertime treat. I loved the cakes, what better way to eat ice cream than with chocolate crunchies sandwiched in between the flavors. I used to order a cone with the crunchies as a topping. Your spin on the chocolate crunchies were equally as delicious! So far, the cake has been my favorite, can't wait to see what is in store for tomorrow's taste.


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